Peanut, a B & B dog with a blog.

As she has now lived at Southcliffe for nearly a year, Peanut (our cocker spaniel) has developed quite a fan base and so we have decided to share Lynton with you from Peanut’s perspective. At the moment it is bitterly cold here with a strong winds and blizzard like snow conditions which, we are informed, are going to get much worse. We are so sorry for the guests who were scheduled to come and stay with us and who have had to cancel but as we are under a red alert weather wise, it is probably a sensible precaution.

Peanut has had a lovely winter, despite the fact that the temperatures have been startlingly low, she has managed to dip her paws in the sea most days and has made some wonderful friends down on the beach. She has been an absolute star whilst we have been busy updating and decorating all of the rooms. She supervised when we swapped the rooms around downstairs, now the dining room is where the guest sitting room used to be, the sitting room is where our office used to be and our office is where the dining room used to be – are you still following???? 

We will be updating the website with new images as soon as possible and obviously we will post some of the lovely Peanut.

We hope you will enjoy Peanut’s blog and as soon as the weather improves we will start to post some photographs of Lynton and Lynmouth in the Spring.

Take care and stay warm

Charlie, Jane & Peanut