covid19 CertificateWHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM US


Our guests’ safety is of utmost importance to us and we would like to reassure you that we have undertaken a very strict cleaning regime in response to the Covid 19 outbreak. It is implemented as follows:
Before each stay our rooms are vigorously cleansed using products from a globally recognised leader in disinfectant materials which are used by the NHS.
We completely strip the bed and wash the bedding at high temperatures using an antibacterial laundry additive. We spray the mattress with a dry on contact sanitiser and then make the bed.
The room is then cleaned using sanitising cleaning products. This includes all surfaces, door handles, light switches, remotes etc. All waste will be removed.
If you would like extra peace of mind, we can fog the room with a ‘whole room’ disinfectant at an extra cost of £15.00. Please advise us ahead of your stay if you would like to take advantage of this service.


In order to observe the 1 metre social distancing rule we will need to serve meals in the Dining Room and the Guest Lounge. The guest lounge will be off limits other than at meal times.
We are unable to offer you the buffet service that we have provided in the past, we shall instead, leave a menu in your room and ask you to advise us of your selections by 7.00pm the night before. We will then serve your breakfast direct to your table. We will be using single serve sauce sachets, butter portions and sugar and you will need to order these too. Please only order what you require to minimise waste.

Hand Sanitisers

These are positioned in the downstairs hallway, the first floor landing and the second floor landing. Please use them often and wash your hands in frequently in accordance with government guidelines


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT travel if you feel unwell or are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19 such as a cough or a raised temperature, or if you know you have been in contact with someone who has contracted the virus.
If you fall ill during your stay we will ask you to return home immediately and if you are unable to drive, you should make arrangement for someone to come and collect you.

Please maintain appropriate social distancing at all times, especially in the communal areas and the dining room. Please wear bring a mask with you to wear for when you need to deal with us face to face. We will try to keep your contact with us to a minimum.

Please be aware that we will be unable to service your room whilst you are in situ or if we cannot gain access prior to 12.00noon.

As a result of the additional cleaning regimes we have in place, our check out time has been revised to 10.00am and we would ask that you please adhere to this.

We know that these are strange times and we want you to enjoy your stay. Please bear with us whilst we adapt to the new ‘normal’ – we are getting used to it just like you!



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